About Laureato

Laurens comes from Laurentius which refers to Laurel leaves

Hey, I am Laurens Hoogenboom.

About Me

years old, born in the Netherlands, adventurous cyclist, dutch fellow at heart and... Ah right, a designer, artist, and developer.
In short, I create human-centered stuff using technology and create art to express my vision on our beautiful world.

The passion for the things I do right now was born in my childhood. The oldest drawings, luckily saved from the bin, are made at the age of 10. User Experience and User Interface design was something I started doing at the age of 11 - although I wouldn't name it like that at that time.

Design Philosophy

I do believe in design as a process of thinking through and applying gathered information in a product. Outer beauty serves or is a consequence of this progress.

Curiculum Vitae

Skill & Tools

These are my skills sorted out over my different field of activity.

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  • info@laureato.nl
  • (+31) 6 22 85 48 00